Custom Tan

Professionalism, Privacy, and Comfort is priority at SunMist.


 It is up to the client on what they feel most comfortable to be sprayed in. You can bring your own item or use mine. If clients desire to have no tan lines and feel comfortable, client may be sprayed without clothing, if over 18 or with a parent present. The utmost professionalism will be exhibited. Clients may bring swimsuits, shorts , tank top or whatever they feel they want to be sprayed in. I do have an adjustable swimsuit for your convenience.


Hair will be tied up, jewelry removed

 After getting undressed client may use a wrap to cover as they step into the tanning booth. Client will be instructed on each pose for spraying. Starting with the body, ending with hands and face.

After spray is complete client will be left in the room to dry for 5 minutes. After which they will dress in their loose/ dark clothes they brought to wear home. Comfy clothes are not required but highly recommended as the solution soaks into the skin it feels sticky and uncomfortable especially with tight jeans.