Before Your Tan

exfoliating_products_informationEXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE!!!

Shower the day of your Airbrush tanning appointment. During your shower be sure to scrub your skin as best you can. Skin needs to be free from any soap residue. Be sure to shave, as shaving after your tan will make it fade quicker. When you towel dry scrub your skin again. Exfoliating to remove all dead skin will allow the solution to be applied to fresh new skin that will last longer and fade more evenly then if applied to dry dead skin.

What to bring:

WEAR DARK LOOSE FITTING CLOTHES. After the tan dries the bronzer can still rub off on clothes so wear something dark and loose to wear home.

I do have a few swim suits you can use but if you have a suit or underwear you’d like to be sprayed in bring those. Some prefer no lines and that’s ok too.